Wishing For A Permanent Vacation - Day 2

More lousy weather and that was perfectly fine with me. With the wind blowing off the lake, the lake effect machine was cranking out some nasty squalls during the day. The river was perfect in regards to flow and clarity and there were plenty of fish to be had. The fish of the day was a huge male I landed early in the morning. At first I thought snagged bottom and tried to yank the hook lose, then the line started to move. With a heavy current and a shitty tippet courtesy of Orvis, I gingerly played the fish. Three times I had it almost to the bank and the fish ripped straight across and downstream. It took almost 20 minutes to finally steer it into slack water and it was a fresh male well over 10lbs with a magnificent kype. Usually I would ask another angler to do the honors of taking the money shot, but nobody was around. I cropped the picture, because the background was too obvious and I'm being watched and I would get a verbal spanking from the diehards, plus who wants to see my ugly mug.......

It was a day for the hardcores and I only ran into 2 others for the entire time I was fishing. But good things must come to an end as warmer temperatures and the sun will be back and that means my nemesis will venture out - the fairweather fishermen. Now it back to tying sacs, stinking up the dining room and throwing out the 2 spools of Mirage tippets.

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Trotsky said...

Great fish Greg. I am off for some vacation myself starting 2 hrs ago.