Wishing For A Permanent Vacation - Day 3 and 4

No money shots, because I was fishing a very unscenic section of the river and I'm sure the fish didn't want a photo shoot that involved lying in a pile of mud. But I have added another in my collection of fucked up fish as this spawned hen was the hapless victim of I guess a boat prop, the undiscovered Lake Erie sea lion, rogue iceberg or some retard on meth that tried to zip it. What ever it was it was so nasty, but she fought hard and I wonder if it will heal.

Wednesday the rivers were starting to rise due the melting snow and the morning was banging as waves of fresh fish pushed upstream overnight. Running sacs along seams and cuts was the ticket and I pretty well stuck to the lower section. Today, I had a brief window as the river started to rise even more during the morning. It went from chalky white yesterday to mud. It was a skipper-fest for a couple of hours and I was forced off the river around 11:00A.M and drove back home was resigned to fishing the Rock and it was an hour of boredom.

All of the rivers are high and off-color, but not blown out. If you enjoy running golf ball size sacs then knock yourself out. Tomorrow I'm staying close to home as I've burned through a lot of gas ($90.00) and I'm getting burned out - both physical (my hands are like sandpaper) and mentally (tired of tying a gazillion sacs).

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Trotsky said...

Poor fish.
Glad to see you had some success on your time off.