Before The Crack Of Dawn........Ha

Low and clear, low and clear, fuck I'm tried of fishing in an aquarium full of chubs and the odd steelhead thrown in as another batch of rain came and teased us. The ground basically sucked up the water and none of the rivers went up and we were once again forced to fish in low conditions. Sunday was no different as I headed out east in search of fish. I'll be glad when Daylight Savings goes into effect this upcoming weekend as fishing in the dark at 7:00A.M is too much for this early riser.

Today, I wanted to get away from the crowds so I fished farther upstream. It was a gamble as I had no idea if any fish had made it that far up. Even if they did, the numbers would be very low and I could be posting a shut out just like the Browns would be probably doing this afternoon. I was reminded why I prefer to fish in the winter as walking through the woods with major undergrowth was a tough going. I finally reached a couple of favorite spots and my catch for the morning was 3 chubs.

Even though the water had that tannic color, the visibility was great. The other added bonus was nobody was fishing as I knew most if not all of the people were fishing the lower sections. I banged away at several spots and finally hit a nice hen on pink sac. It was one fish in three hours of fishing, I knew I had to head downstream in order to get into better numbers. The only downside would be crowds, but I figured by the time I got there it would be almost noon. With the Clowns playing so bad, a lot of people weren't racing home to watch the game. The Browns are so bad that our company had a draw for tickets for the Packers game and only three people signed up. I basically said I would rather get skunked then having to watch 4 quarters of a team that could be beaten by the Pop Warner All-Stars.

I drove along the river and I could see about 10 cars here and there. I rolled the dice and headed to one spot that I knew I might get into some fish. Driving over the bridge, I could see a couple of people fishing one spot that I usually do well. Usually this spot is pounded to death during the season and I rarely fish as it's a magnet for hillbillies and boneheads. But since it was Sunday most if not all scrambled home to watch the NASCAR race - gomers. A short walk down, I knew where to drift and it didn't long for the first fish to hit. It was a nice bag of fresh skippers, fat hens and feisty males. In reality I could copped some more zzzzzz's instead of fumbling about in the dark, but that would cut into my fishing time.......