Bruised Ribs = No Fishing

Took a nasty spill at one of my accounts Tuesday morning. I slipped on some ice and all 210lbs of me fell on top of my toolbox and the left side of my ribs took full impact. I rolled on the pavement cursing as I felt like somebody took a sledgehammer and hit me. One of my fellow employees helped me up. I took a deep breathe and hurt like hell, but I didn't notice any sharp pain. That was a good sign, I didn't break them and there was a nice size dent on the toolbox.

I called the office and went to the hospital for X-rays. Luckily, I didn't break any ribs, but they're bruised. I'm on painkillers strong enough to knock out an elephant and has help numb the pain. But, I can't bend over without feeling a sharp stabbing pain go through my chest.

I guess I got lucky as the streams here are starting to get high and muddy from all of the snow melt. I'll be living on the couch for the next couple of weeks, but I heard fishing is great therapy.........


Dave Homrok said...

ouch! I've done that before - not fun. Fish through the pain :-)

lambton said...

Sorry for your misfortune.
I'm sure you will heal up in time for the next drop.
Best of luck.