Let's go fish........Ahhh, screw it

The rotten weather all week has reeked havoc with the streams. Just when the streams were coming down to fishable levels, more rain falls. I opened the door to see a whiteout and howling winds. I can't believe my neighbours left for the Browns game in this shit. But it will be an great game, better me than him. I'm sure the 5lbs of deer chili I gave them last night will be the top item on the menu at the tailgate. There is suppose to be blizzard conditions tonight and what really sucks is I'll have to leave for work tomorrow at 5:30A.M.............yeah right.

Without anymore rain the rivers should be great late this week. All I want for Christmas is the Grand to be fishable this weekend.

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Trotsky said...

Ho Ho Holy this weather sucks!!!
My heart goes out to you.
We are getting drilled on this side too....I can't even get down my street.
Hamg in there and I hope your rivers become fishable.