Fashionly Late Again

Hit the river out east this morning as I was once again "ahem" late. I got the call that the fishing was slow as nothing was caught. I arrived to see Bubba and Dave fishing upstream above a tailout. Having a members only card is great when being late for the river as I got a front row seat for the event. For late March, it felt like late December as the temperature was stuck below freezing. Lucky for us, the cold temperatures didn't bother the fish as we started hauling them in. All of them were fresh and feisty as it made the cold wind and icing guides that more tolerable.

The highlight of the morning was when Bubba thought he had another steelie on the line. As he was reeling it in, he chuckled out loud that it was a walleye. Sure enough, it was a fat walleye that took a pink sac. I've heard that some walleye are taken at the lower section of the river during the spring, but I've never seen one caught. We debated whether to keep it since walleye are leagues above steelhead when it comes to taste. I've liken steelhead to eating an old boot - no flavor and tough. But we decided to let it go and fight for another day or ending up on somebody's plate.

Nice 8 pounder

It was nice to see good numbers of fish as it felt eons ago when we surpassed double digit hook ups. I hope this is a prelude to my upcoming vacation. On a side note, VCU beating Kansas?!?!? I threw my bracket in the garbage when I got home.........

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