Just Another Outing

Any hardcore angler knows that the weathermen is wrong most of the time. Last night they tossed the dart at the board and it came up as lake effect snows and they would be severe at times. Lake effect snow is often hit and miss and today it completely missed out where I was fishing. The roads were wet and I bombed down the interstate without breaking a sweat. It was chilly when I started fishing not to long I was fighting with ice build-up on the guides. This was the only annoyance with the cold, as last week I spent a ton of dough on winter clothing. Last season I got tired of getting cold after several hours of fishing. I wasn't a tightwad as I bought several Under Armour coldgear undershirts and longjohns, Polartec fleece pants, fleece jacket, and a toque. If this was last year, I would of been squealing about the cold and today I didn't even feel it. As for the weather you couldn't ask for nicer conditions - partly cloudy with periods of sun. A friend of mine was surprised that it didn't snow as he cancelled his trip today.

It was nice to see snow again and nicer to see my nemesis the fair weather fishermen absent from the water. As expected with colder temps, the fish parked themselves at the tail end of the pools or off the main current. Even with the colder water, all of the fish fought very hard and a couple leaped from the water. Most of the fish were in their full winter colors and the hens had full bellies of eggs. The fishing wasn't bad and the key was staying mobile as I bounced around from spot to spot and had most of them to myself.

Old man winter will be hanging around for most of the week. On the way back home, most of the other streams are still a day away from being fishable. The eastside as expected received more snow and during the day some of it was melting from the trees and cliffs. Another cold front to arrive later this week and drop the temps below 32F for Friday and Saturday - the diehards will be smiling and the fairweather fishermen will be marking off the days until April...........


Trotsky said...

Nice fish Greg..
That snow alert I think stalled right over my driveway but we are off tomorrow regardless..
Hey..did you adjust the colour on that second Steelie??
It has the greenest back I have ever seen..

lambton said...

That Lake Effect can be hit or miss. Unfortunatley for us it was hit on the trip home today.
Makes it all that more memorable.
Sure is nice having first water with little to no pressure EH?
Gotta love winter Steelheading.

Greg said...

I tweaked the hue and saturation to give it some color. I also added a couple of inches ;)

Fished the Rock today and you would of thought it was the weekend. Too many people, but the Manistees have comed in. Taking tomorrow off and I might head east this weekend. Looking forward to fishing the Grand......