What's For Dessert?

spotted dick

The Brits love giving hilarious names to their foods. My mother is British and I remember as a teen visiting my grandparents in England. One time we were at the grocery store and there was a package of faggots ( pork meatballs ) and I started snickering. Luckily, my grandparents never forced us to eat them, as I thought British cuisine with the exception of fish and chips was absolutely horrible. But it would of been great to hear my grandfather say at the supper table "I've got nothing against faggots, I just don't fancy them."  

Tonight, I was at World Market browsing the food section and came across cans of spotted dick. Spotted dick of course is a British sponge pudding. If I had a Christmas party next week at work, I would of bought it and baked the boys a lovely cake.

spotted dick
Photo Credit - yourfoodchoices.com


Trotsky said...

That is Morins favourite dish

Steve & Jason said...

Greg - Nice post. We don't mind your use of our brioche pic, but please give photo credit to (y)our food choices (www.yourfoodchoices.com) and hyperlink back to our blog.

Thanks and happy fishing!
Steve & Jason