I'm Beat

Next year, I’ll be 40 years old, the big 40. This weekend left me sore and tired. Stumbling along the banks, buckling my knees, tripping over downed branches, feeling winded and a sore shoulder from pinning all day. I could be the poster boy for Advil. Time to hire a personal trainer and drop the fatso foods. But then again, I wasn't in great shape in twenties and thirties as I smoked and drank a lot. 

The two excellent days of fishing made all of those aches and pain more tolerable. The Grand is still producing a ton of fish. Some larger fish have moved in as I caught a couple of fat hens that topped 30+ inches. The fish are spread out and I hit them at every spot. The weather this week has been much colder. Didn't get a water temp reading, but after a hour, my feet started to ache from the cold water. Unlike last week, the fish started to retreat into their winter homes. The tail end of pools, flats and eddies were the ticket. I surprised to see other anglers passing up those spots. The fish were gobbling up and asking for seconds when it came to my uncured salmon eggs.

As I’m writing, we’ve had rain falling for several hours. A lot of the other rivers need rain and they could use a good flushing as the leaves are starting to pile up. Time to take a nap……


Dave Homrok said...

I really like that first photo! It's good to see that conditions and the fishing are improving - I hope to be up to steelhead alley over the turkey day weekend.

Don't worry about the being 40 thing. I'm 43 and it's not too bad just yet. It's 50 I dread.

I figure I have about 15-20 years of decent/active steelheading left in me. After that, I'll still fish, but not so agressively perhaps. So.... enjoy it while you are able to, Greg!

lambton said...

Hi Dave,
Just wondering if you could email me at lambton101@yahoo.ca.
I would like to ask you a few questions about the OHIO tribing adventures.
I really enjoy your blog. The pics are stunning and the writeups very interesting.
Please feel free to checkout mine in your leisure.
Hope to talk to you soon.

lambton said...

Errr I mean Greg ;-)

Greg said...


shoot me an email at www.steelheadgreg@yahoo.com