The Clown Egg

This pattern was developed in Michigan (not sure) and is one of my favorite egg patterns. The clown egg is similiar to the glo bug. The only difference is more colors are used. I like to mix up as many color combinations as possible.


Kamasan B420 #8
Red 6/0 thread
McFly Foam - Brite Red, Cherise, Orange, White, Chartreuse, Early Girl, Steelhead orange and pink

Wrap the thread around the hook several times

Cut a piece of foam and tie it in. Then move the foam to the side. There should be four different colors used for this recipe.

Repeat the same step.

Tie in another piece of foam.

Tie in the final piece of foam. All of the foam should be next to each other.

Pull up the foam and wrap the thread around the base of the foam. Then let go of the foam and build a head and whip finish.

Pull the foam up and with a sharp pair of scissors, cut across. You can fluff out the fibers to give it a more rounder shape. Try as many color combination as you like. I find this pattern is great on early season steelhead or when the water is off color.

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The Naked Prophet said...

I'm new to steelheading and fly fishing as well. The other day I found this funny looking little egg thingy stuck in some weeds. It was in good shape so I cut it loose and stuck it in my flybox. Friday afternoon I went to Connie and tried several flies to no avail. Last I tied on that egg I found, hooked two and landed one (second one I ever caught)the second broke it off though, and I"ve been trying to find out what it was called. now I know what that funny looking thing was, it was a clown egg. I'm a beleiver. Where can I buy 'em? I don't tie yet.