All I Want For Christmas is Rain

Having an entire river to yourself on Steelhead Alley in the month of November, many would have to pinch themselves at the thought of that. I was fortunate enough to enjoy the solitude and great weather. The plus side was there was enough fish to keep me happy and I though of the others slaving away in the kitchen, sitting next to their mother-in-law or having 20 kids running around the house.

That was the case when I fished the Grand ole girl on Thanksgiving. There wasn't a soul on the river when I arrived and left. As expected she was running low and we really need rain - bad. Today, I fished way upriver and blew through the first mile of the river as it was barely flowing. I knew one spot that would more than likely pay off in spades. Sure enough I found fish hiding out in the holes and some of them were as fat as the turkey I would be eating later in the day. So far this year I haven't seen so many big fat fish - male and female. I can't imagine when late winter rolls around and some of those hens eggs are ripen.

On the weather front, this could be first the first snowless November since the late 1800s and many would rather lose a weekend to rain then have to scour every square inch of the river for fish.

Taking Black Friday off for the obvious reason that every steelheader would rather go out and get skunked than having to shop.

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Trotsky said...

Nice fish Greg.
I was listening to a dude on the radio today while returning through a white-out from a river that is
...He was saying that it was the dryest November in 10 yrs...
At least your rivers stay open
Dec 31st is a sad day for us.