Who Are You - Part Two

Some more people I've seen on the rivers over the years and I'm sure you've ran into them too.

The Hole Beater

They love to hog up a hole for hours on end. They won’t leave to take a piss or when their wife calls to say she's stranded on side of the highway. They would rather die from hypothermia then give up the spot. Even if the fish haven’t been biting for 6 hours, they believe they’ll turn on at any moment. They’re useless for information as they have no clue where other spots are ie "Rockcliffe ford? Never heard of it" They tend to be out of shape and rarely venture more than a 50 yards from the closest access point.

The Elitist

They tend to be well educated, environmentally active, probably a member of Trout Unlimited or some Ivy League fraternity. Most tend to fly fish as it’s consider an art and using bait is considered to be "not the proper method of illicting a response from a fish". Their car of choice is usually a Saburu Outback, Audi, or some high end SUVTheir fishing equipment is worth more than what some people make in 6 months. They tend to look down at bait fishermen as they feel “baiting is cheating” or their too stupid to learn. They hate cold weather and more then often they're down in the Bahamas or Costa Rica during the winter.

The Hillbilly

They didn’t graduate from high school because they knocked up some 15 year old, went to the boy’s home or were expelled for drug possession. They drive cars or trucks with multiple colored panels, primer spots, rust and no exhaust. They buy their fishing equipment at Walmart or try to break into the elitist’s car to only see to their dismay a fly rod. They often bring along a 10 gallon bucket, tackle box and fold up sports chair. Often keep fish or try to bum them off of other anglers to feed their 6 kids because welfare doesn’t pay enough. Often ridiculed and mocked by the elitist and me.

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lambton said...

I'm a Hillbilly Elitist. I fish bait, buy my groceries at Walmart,love cheap beer, and make my own Beef Jerkey. I travel countless miles in pursuit of chromers and own a plethera of high end gear. Too much actually.
Do I hold my nose up at others...You bet I do but they are usually chucking a fly with lead attached to it.