Hillary, You're Fired!!!

Yes, the Donald is the 45th president of the United States of America. Millions of Hillary supporters and staunch liberals are in a fetal position and mumbling to themselves this morning that this isn't happening. The media is stunned as many predicted a slam dunk for the Democrats and usher in a new era having the first women elected president.

Well, that all came to a screeching halt when Trump pulled off the hugest upset in U.S politics. Since I'm not a U.S citizen, I couldn't vote. Even I did, I probably wouldn't have cast a vote anyways, because I found the both of them to be despicable human beings. Trump is the worst example of malignant narcissism and Clinton is a flat out pathological liar. This is best the two parties could come up with? Truly pathetic.

I watched one of the debates and after 15 minutes, I turned the TV off because they bickered and argued like an old divorced couple blaming one another. Him with his smug demeanor and her waddling about the stage sounding like a harpy. For most Americans and the media, they thought Clinton would be the winner because she represents the status quo. They never gave Trump a chance because he constantly shot his mouth off or inserted his foot in it. I remember having several conservations with my Dad back in Canada listening to him tell me that Trump was certifiably crazy and that I should move back to Canada - immediately if he won. I would listen and calmly tell him that Trump won't and can't win because the American people couldn't elect someone that unstable and inexperience. Somewhere, I could have sworn I heard chickens clucking.

It's election night, I'm watching the results on my phone. It's a rerun of the past elections as both are grabbing the states that they should win. Then it starts getting interesting when several media outlets are calling Ohio for Trump. Ohio is a swing state and in the past, whoever wins that state, usually wins the election. As the night goes on, it becomes clear that Trump might pull off the upset. The media informs that Trump is going to win in Wisconsin. He's picking off more and more electoral votes. By now, I'm tired and I head to bed and I have this uneasy feeling that I'll wake up with chickens roosting in my bedroom.

The alarm goes off and I see that Trump has won the election. The pollsters are stunned, Hollywood is pissing their pants, liberals are freaking out and world financial markets are in turmoil. I just fire up the stove and pour a cup of coffee and start reading the news on the computer. I've accepted the results and I'll head to work soon. 

In the end, half of the country was fed up with the bullshit. Rural Americans and the working class had enough of Obama's eight years of hope and change. They were done with the career politicians. They wanted a new direction. What direction will this country go? I have no fucking clue. Our president is a former reality TV show star. Is it going to be like the boardroom on the Apprentice where Trump sits back and watches members on a team trying to save their asses from the chopping block? Is he going to randomly bark out "You're fired!" when a cabinet member fails to carry out one his directives?

He's a shrewd businessman and he doesn't have the checks or balances as he has both the House and Senate. Hopefully, the more moderate voices in his party will be the ones to hold him accountable. All I know is buckle in because it's going to be a roller coast ride for the next 4 years. As for some Americans looking to immigrate to Canada - good luck, because they have tougher immigration rules than the U.S.