Yet Another Gear Review

Another summer and its time for me start going through the gear to see what needs to be replaced. It's a never ending thing with me as I go through gear like crazy. I'm not the guy that looked like he came from an LL Bean catalog shoot, but the guy that came from under the bridge. I'll admit, I treat my fishing gear like crap. Waders are often stuffed in the box wet and they'll stay for a least a week. My jacket is covered in egg spooge and fish slime and my boots left in the back of the car to freeze solid. That's the life of a hardcore steelheader and deep pockets don't hurt either. So here the latest edition of my gear review.

Simms Rivertek BOA Boots

For the record, I'll never buy boots with the BOA system ever again. Time and time again, the wire laces would fray and eventually break. They also had a habit of breaking at the worst time. Several times, I would have to use duct tape to wrap around the boot to help prevent it from coming off. The other problem was just trying to find the laces for them. The Rivertek was a discontinued model and the local fly shop didn't carry them. The clerk recommended that I try a ski shop and guess what they did have the laces, but sometimes they didn't. I ended up having to buy the laces through Simms and they weren't cheap. But, other than that, the boots did hold up to my abuse as the soles didn't crack or split. There were some tears on the sides of them, but that's expected when it comes to heavy usage. But the next boots will be the good ole fashion laces.

Simms Guide Stocking Foot Waders

These waders are pretty well done. I had more holes than a slice of swiss cheese and the fabric basically wore out, it got so bad that I didn't even bother to patch any more leaks because it was late in the season. I can't complain because I treated them like shit and I've had them for almost 4 years. This was the 2nd pair as Simms sent me a free pair because they couldn't fix it. That's outstanding customer service in my book and Simms got a customer for life. The next pair I get, I'll certainly try to take better care of them. 

Simms Guide Jacket

Comfortable jacket, unfortunately, it's absolutely filthy. Once again, my indifference toward everything I use for fishing. I tried cleaning off the egg spooge the best I could, I scrub and scrub and you can see stains everywhere. I guess it's a badge of honor as I'm not the fair weather angler. Despite not having any water repellent capabilities, it still did a great job of keeping me dry. 

As for the rod and reel, there hasn't been any spills or incidents - yet