Relaxing at the lake
Wetting a line this summer has been practically non existent. Since the end of the steelhead season, I've been out twice and the last time was early June. Ever since, I have't had any desire or urgency. Some people I know are wondering how can a fishing junkie can go cold turkey. They liken it to a shopaholic giving up going to the mall. I tell them I perfectly fine and I actually have other interests and most of those I don't do during the season. Summer is a time to recharge the batteries. Going at it for almost eight months straight does take its toll on the body, mind and wallet. By the end of April, I'm a mess and even the hardcore angler needs a break.

But during my evening runs through the Rocky River Metropark, I often glance over or stop at some of the holes. For some reason, this year I've hardly seen any carp. The numbers have been down over the past couple of years. The other problem this summer has been the rain and there has been a lot of it. At one point we had 16 straight days of rain. The rivers were a boiling mess of mud and debris. Even when the waters receded I would rather hit the road, discovering those little hidden gems scattered throughout the Midwest. Whether it's small town USA or a big city. The busier the better I say, it makes the summer go by that much faster. 

Grilled Walleye at the Welshfield Inn - Burton, Ohio
Several times I would wander into the basement and see my gear in the corner. It looked neglected as I wiped away some webs and dust. I made a mental note to write down what needs to be replaced, but I'm in no hurry. There is another 3 weeks until September and then I start paying attention on what's happening in Pennsylvania. 

Zingerman's Deli - Ann Arbor, Michigan
There are signs that season is getting closer. At night I hear the katydids and during the day the sounds of the "dog day" cicadas. The farmer's markets are a bustling place and the high school boys are practicing for the upcoming season. Pretty soon, those cool winds will usher their way across the big pond and I will start stirring.