More Useless Gear Reviews

Simms G3 Waders

Due to my nature of walking through the woods like a deranged sasquatch, sliding down banks and busting out ice, I knew it would be a matter of time before I sprung my first leak. Sure enough it happened, but it was the only one. Overall, they've held up well to my abuse. No fraying of the suspenders, no broken zippers, and no tears. Other than some egg spooge, they look great. The Chinese will never understand the concept of quality. Fork over the money and support American made products. They'll be shipped off to Montana for repairs.

Korkers Chrome Fishing Boots

After giving my shitty Chotas the boot, I bought a pair of Korkers from Erie Outfitters. Years ago, I had a pair of them with the interchangable soles. The soles were tough, but the boots were far too heavy. I felt like Frankenstein as I plodded down the trails. My legs did get a great workout though. Then I started having problems with the soles popping out. Not wanting to go through that again, I decided to get the ones with flexible soles. The owner Craig drilled in the cleats and told me I would never lose a single one. He was right, I never lost one. The boot is extremely light and comfortable. Towards the end of the season, the wire for the lacing system on one boot started to fray and needs to be replaced.

Kingpin Imperial

An impressive reel just as good as my old Kingpin. If there was one problem that would be the nut holding the reel. Several times, I'd removed it to clean out debris and I didn't tighten it enough. One day I was fishing and I heard a plop. I looked down and there was the nut lying on the bottom. Lucky for me the water wasn't deep. I screwed it back and tighten with my pliers. I've heard this happening to others. But overall, the reel is amazing. 

Wright McGill Wading Jacket

After four years, the jacket is finally being retired. I've used several cans of water proofing but it never seem to last more than a couple of outings. When it rained, the jacket pretty well soaked up water like a sponge. Half of the zippers are broken and the left side pocket is caked with egg spooge. Along the bottom and front is also plastered in it, as I often wiped my hands with it. It made me look like a homeless steelheader. But, I loved the jacket for the large front pockets, large rear pocket along the bottom section and the comfort factor. Time to upgrade to something lighter and more durable.

G Loomis GLX float rod

This is main rod and I've had it for 6 years. I abuse the living shit of it out considering I paid $500.00 for it. I broke the tip due to whacking ice off it. The upper reel seat cracked and a small section came off. Whenever it was cold the seats didn't grip well and at times the reel would slide up and down. I suspect the cork overtime started to wear off or shrunk in the cold. The bottom guides have developed grooves, but that's expected because I caught hundreds of fish. I could never part with it.....ever