Vancouver just isn't's a riot

Another hockey season has come to an end and thankfully the Canucks got the living shit beating out of them by the Bruins. I had the Bruins in the seven and if there is one city that I despise, that is the smug, self absorbed, shit hole called Vancouver. The Canucks were lucky in the first two games as they scored with less than a minute in the first game and 30 seconds into overtime the second game. But, what shifted the momentum was the hit on Horton by Rome. The Bruins were pissed at what many thought was a dirty hit. After that they basically man handled them and to rub more salt in the wound they won it on their turf.

There is plenty of blame to go around why the Canucks lost. The Chicken Swedes aka the Sedin sisters basically disappeared. My 13 year old nephew could rough the both of them up. Alex Burrows thought he was playing soccer because he dived on every hit and nobody knew what Roberto Luongo would show up, the guy who posted a shut out or let in goals at a record pace.

As expected some of the Canuck fans didn't take losing the cup well. As they did in 1994, after losing the finals to the Rangers, all hell broke loose as thousands on the streets fueled by alcohol and stupidity destroyed the downtown. They left a path of destruction and humiliated an entire nation. Way to stay classy Vancouver.

Nice to see another original six team finally win the cup.........

More Gear Reviews

Some of my equipment has surpassed two seasons, so here's how they fared so far.

Wright & McGill Big Horn Wading Jacket

This jacket has basically lost all of its waterproofing and breathing ability, when it's soaked it weights a ton. But that's mostly my fault because I treat everything like shit. I look like a homeless steelheader. The front of the jacket is covered in sac spooge and a couple of zippers are broken. But, I love the jacket because of the pockets and it's price. I couldn't see myself dropping $300.00 on a Simms or Patagonia and caking it with spooge or leaving it in the tote box on top of wet waders for several weeks.

Orvis Pro Guide Waders

I got a deal on them from a friend who is a guide and that's the only reason I bought. To date they are the most expensive ones I bought. So far I've sprung a few leaks, but they've held up well. As with the jacket some sections are covered in spooge. It needs to be cleaned, because I'm having some breathing issues with it. It's very comfortable and light.

Kinpin Series II reel

The Purple steelie eater has a lot of mileage on it and it hasn't miss a beat. There are plenty of nicks and scratches on it but I still still get comments on how nice it looks. I've only oiled the bearings once and it starts like a champ on the coldest days. But I have my eye on one of those Imperials.......

G Loomis GLX 13' float rod

Probably the best $500.00 spent. It's hauled in a ton of steelhead, carp, branches and the odd catfish. Light as a feather and I don't bitch about my shoulder anymore. There are some grooves in the titanium guides and the top handle is wearing out as I've had my reel slip out a couple of time.

Raven IM6 13'6" float rod

It's basically my back up rod and I rarely use it. When I took my girlfriend fishing in 2009, she hooked into a tarpon sized branch on the Grand. I grabbed the rod and tried to pop the hook out, but the load and the current was too much and the tip snapped - double D'oh! It was the 2nd time it broke in the same spot. I took it Craig's at Erie Outfitter and for $30.00 I received a brand new rod.