No Fireworks for Me.............

It's the July 4th weekend and I didn't forget Canada Day as I celebrated with a couple of Molson Ex for the homeland and I saluted all of those hard working hosers across the pond. I was restless, what better way then to go on a road trip. Ever so often I get a hankering for destination unknown. Road trips are great for me because it gives me time to reflect on things and lately I've had some things on my mind.

I got up early, had a quick breakfast and a cup of Joe for the road. The destination was Clearfork-Mohican River which flows through the Mohican State Park located in Ashland County about 80 miles southwest of Cleveland. It's a place that has been on my to do list and that list is still pretty long.

With the window down and Rush's Red Barchetta blaring, the only thing missing was a blond haired girl sitting next to me and she would be probably yelling at me to turn down "that fucking music down!, I want to listen to John Mayer!" I finally got off the interstate and made my east through the rolling hills and farms. I pulled into the sleepy little town of Loudenville to see the downtown center closed for the July 4 festivities. I really enjoy finding those quiet, quaint towns full of Americana and nobody is ever in hurry to go anywhere.

I turned into the park and it was packed with campers, hikers, mountain bikers and lucky for me not one angler was in sight. The first impression of the river was it could been one of the many streams found along Steelhead Alley. It was fairly shallow and I could see schools of suckers feeding along the bottom. But I was after brownies and I knew they would be extremely difficult to catch because the Clearfork is one of the few streams in trout poor Ohio that has a population of them.

I knew it was going to be a tough day as the stream was low and felt somewhat warm. The river itself wasn't very deep as I'm more use to fishing big water. If the trout were being jerks, then I had the carp to chase. Unfortunately, they turned out to be jerks too. I searched out for any deep water or jumbles of lumber lying in the water. I managed a couple of chubs, but I couldn't find those elusive browns. Not catching fish doesn't bother me considering that comes with the sport. I have had days albeit few and far between where I couldn't catch a cold.

But what caught my attention was the mountain bike trails as I seen several people racing down the hills. I've always liked mountain biking but Cleveland doesn't really a lot to offer as most diehards often come to places like Mohican. During my divorce I sold my bike and after seeing that I might look into getting another one. It was around noon when I decided to start heading back and I had to check out the gorge. It was a quite a sight as the gorge itself spans over a 1000' across and drops over 300' into the valley. If I had brought along my hiking boots I would of tackled the trail.

Now that I checked off Mohican on the list, I'll have to look for another destination and hopefully the next time I'll have the blond haired girl next to me..........