It's Only June!!!

The tell tale symptoms of steelhead withdrawal are starting to show - constantly looking at the calender, heavier drinking and kicking small dogs. The past steelhead season seems like a distant memory and we're only into mid-June. I try to make summer go a little faster, the problem is, there isn't enough work to make it go faster!! I often sit in my truck like a zombie listening to my worn out Rush's Moving Pictures cd. With any recession, Ohio gets between the legs and a lot of folks are being tight with the money and I've been a penny pincher of late. I keep looking at the calender - July, August, September and my head starts to spin. Thank god for carp because I would probably would of hanged myself.

Unfortunately carp can be assholes and this past weekend the majority of them took pleasure in taunting me under the logs and trees. Usually I'll find some carp feeding and I often use my nymph patterns. But there are times when I have to coax them into coming out and play and that's where a baggie of corn comes in. A couple of weeks I tied some flies that resembled kernels of corn. I had some light yellow McFlyfoam and figured why not let's try it. I brought along some corn started carpet bombing the pool to get them fat pricks to come out. Slowly but surely they ventured out and there were a couple of biggies in the range of 15lbs that cruised along the bottom. Being the big game hunter, I set my eyes on 2 monsters. I watched them probe the bottom sucking up the kernels and I made my move. A short cast and a quick mend and I watched the fly slowly drift downstream towards one of them. The fish rose slightly and inhaled it and quickly bolted after I set the hook. This fish ripped off almost 50yds of line and I was into my backing quick. After one long run and I simply started hauling him back upstream only to have the hook pop out in front of me. I figured he probably tipped the scales at 15lbs. I bounced along the river looking for players and I was kept busy for most of the afternoon.

Hoping we get to make the trip to Indiana this August for Skamanias and I hoped Bubba's fishing gear got sent to Moose Jaw instead of Saskatoon. I'm sure he'll rub in his fishing trip at Wollaston Lake and make me turn green with the endless pictures of 40" pike and 20lbs lakers.......

I Have A Place For Sea Kittens..........On My Plate

The group that anglers and hunters love to hate or my case ridicule - PETA are at it again. Over the years, PETA had made it known that anglers are the scum of the earth and need to be sent to re-education camp to learn that fish are people too. Several months ago they started the hilarious fishing hurts ad campaign to start having people call fish "sea kittens" since fish are slimy, emotionless and not very cute. Their logic for the term was to make fish appear more cuddly to children and nobody wants to club a kitten over the head, gut it and throw in a frying pan. As expected with most of their campaigns was meet with scorn and others shrugged it off as PETA being a group of retards. If that crap wasn't enough, they have something else in store for the general public - a fish empathy center? Seriously, who the fuck comes up with this shit?

PETA is looking into purchasing the Kewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse in Wisconsin and turn it into some anti-fishing education center that would make North Korea proud. Here's the bulletin posted by PETA's spokesbot - Karin Bennett

Several historic lighthouses in the U.S. and Puerto Rico have been "excessed" by the National Parks Department and are now up for grabs, at no cost, to nonprofits and other eligible entities. 

Of course, when we heard this, a light bulb lit up over our heads— coastal lighthouse would be the perfect place for to set up the national headquarters for our Fish Empathy Project.
In hopes of luring Dan Wenk, acting director of the National Park Service, with our bid, we've written him a letter outlining some of the details of our proposed exhibit.

PETA's center would feature educational displays proving that fish are intelligent animals who learn tasks, use tools, show affection, and feel pain when they are dragged from the sea in nets or impaled on hooks.

The lighthouse would also be home to the world's first Fish Empathy Quilt, a 300-square-foot quilt that pays tribute to the billions of fish who are abused and killed every year—as well as a cafĂ© serving delicious faux-fish sticks and other tasty fish-friendly foods.

We'll let you know if he bites

Are they still playing the "fish feel pain" card. These people have really lost it. I hope the National Park Service tells PETA (no pun intended) to go jump in the lake. Whenever fishing clubs clean up a stream filled with garbage or try to restore one to its former self, we never see PETA there giving a hand. These whack jobs are nothing more than a radical group bent on social engineering that humans don't need to eat meat period. If they had their way, we would be eating bark and dirt. 

I have news for them for them, this is a free society. There is a lot of things that people do in this country that I don't believe in or have a problem with, but that's that price we paid - freewill. Like any radical group, they'll always be on the fringe of society and that's where they belong.