Chubs Are Gay

If there is a bigger pain in the ass other than inept low holing hillbillies, it's those loathsome creek chubs. Every fall you can count on them to feast on your sacs with reckless abandon. Today was another constant battle with these little pricks as I would watch my float pop up and down and I would flick the float as if I was smacking them away like flies. "Bastards", I muttered as I worked one hole. I reeled in and the sac was nibbled to almost nothing. With great annoyance I tossed the sac away and put on another. Once again, I drifted along the downed trees. It was a battle of attrition as I routinely hooked into them. They were relentless and my patience was wearing thin. I was getting pissed as I tossed one sac after another. "Assholes", I muttered as I placed another sac on. I wasn't giving up on this spot yet, but it was getting close. Sure enough it was tap-tap-tappy-tap-tap bullshit and I ripped the line.The float popped and I set the hook. The rod vibrated and I sighed as I knew it was chub. I yanked him out of the water and with a sinister glare, I looked into the eye of my tormentor, he had sealed his fate. I removed the hook and flung him clear across the stream into the woods for some critter to snack on. The message for the others - don't fuck with me. 

Chubs are an annoyance that most steelheaders have to deal with the early part of the season. They are found in nearly every stream along the Alley. For some unknown reason, they are absent from the Rocky. There is no way getting around them unless you tie sacs the size of ping pongs or flies the size of chickens. They can make a day long and miserable when steelhead are few and far between. There is no escaping them as they inhabit all forms of water. The only reprieve is winter and they completely disappear until the warm days of spring. 

The next spot was a small hole along the cliffs. From past experience, I knew there was a 4' hole along the ledge maybe 20' long. It was one of "money" holes because it always paid off. I used a white sac and placed the float along the bubble line. I moved it over it get it right along the ledge. The float was halfway along when it went under hard. This wasn't a chub take and I set the hook. The line immediately went tight and I felt the hard charge downstream. A great but brief fight as I gently maneuver the fish towards the bank. An average size PA steelhead all ready in full spawning color despite the fact it was early October. With a single push, I watched the fish bolt for the hole where I caught it. 

Redemption, I thought. I could of thrown in the towel and allowed those chubs to get the better of me. I caught a couple more steelhead further at the first riffle close to the lake. Further downstream I watched another angler throw back a chub and he had a look of disgust. I thought not much longer, once the cold weather hit they'll swim back under those rocks where they belong.