Christmas Came Early

Like any hardcore steelheader, I upgrade my fishing equipment every couple years. One piece of equipment that needed upgrading were the rods. Over the past several years, I've been using Raven rods, I have the 13'6" IM6 and 14' IM8 rods. Most of the time, I used the 14 footer because the rod had a stiffer blank. It was great for long distance hook sets and I was able to muscle in fish faster. However, the rod with my Milner reel made it hell on my right shoulder and after a day of fishing it was kaput. To help relieve the shoulder pain, I went back to the 13'6" rod and used it with my Bob James reel. It made the shoulder pain more bearable, but I wanted to go lighter and that meant I had to go way upscale.

Over the winter I saved enough money and I got the Cadillac of float rods - the G Loomis GLX rod. I had several friends that used them and they raved about the light weight and quick action. I bought the 13' STR1562 model because it was better suited for Erie's tribs. The rod's power is light, but most of Erie's steelhead rarely get over 10lbs. Plus, I fished using light leaders and tippets. This was the first rod I bought with sliding rings and it made balancing the reels easier. The rod wasn't cheap as it cost me over $500.00, but it was worth every penny, I'm hardcore and I expect to use the best. The rod came with the high frame titanium recoil guides. These guides are virtually indestructible as they can be bent back and quickly spring into position.

The rod only comes as a 2 piece so fitting inside a small car or pickup is going to be difficult, if not impossible. With the rear seat folded down in my Cherokee the rod will fit perfectly on an angle. But with the seats up, it will poke my passenger's eye out. It's extremely lightweight compared to the Ravens - it's like holding a feather in one hand and pool stick in the other. I tried it out on the river and it casts like a dream, I barely had to put any effort into casting. I caught several carp and the rod handled a couple of big fish well.

The rod is a first on the checklist of new items I need. I still need new boots, waders and a jacket. Money, money and more money - the life of an angler........