The Raptors Bandwagon Has Emptied

The Raptors bandwagon has officially started to empty out once Kawhi Leonard announced he was heading home and signing with the LA Clippers. Last year when the Raptors traded for him, they gambled because he would be a free agent the following season. The pay off was huge as they won the championship.

An intensely private person, Leonard didn't tip his hand after the season was over whether he would stay or go. But I always suspected that he would because he stated all along that he desired to play close to home which happened to be Southern California. But what won't surprise me will the massive defection of the Raptors bandwagon fans. Without Leonard, the Raptors chances of repeating will very difficult if not impossible. For bandwagon fans that all the reason to start bailing. 

My brother who lives outside of Toronto is one of those bandwagon fans. With glee he was posting on Facebook for his love of the Raptors. With amusement I've been needling him about it

"Raptors gear I see..............interesting"

"I can't recall ever seeing you rooting for them............hmmmmm"

"There's nothing wrong with being a bandwagon fan, just come out and admit it"

"You're so of full shit, I guarantee once Leonard leaves and they suck, you'll jump ship"

I would lay on the sarcasm pretty thick and called him out. He knew he was busted. 

I've always found bandwagon fans both amusing and annoying. Ask them stats about players or past accomplishments and you'll get a blank stare or they'll stutter like Porky Pig. 

At least the Leafs will be happy as they become the ones that will garner the attention especially if they can make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs and those bandwagon Raptors fans will trade in the We The North to Leafs blue and white.

Well I found the perfect slogan for the Raptors for this upcoming season

We Went South