A Merry Christmas To Me

Christmas in Ohio is a lonely time for me as all of my family is in Western Canada. I still have fond memories as a kid going over to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner on Christmas. My uncle would be plastered and my aunt always cooked an amazing dinner. It was a tiny house full of people and that's Christmas was all about. In my apartment there's no tree or decorations because what's the point? Nobody is coming over.

My apartment building is a quiet place on Christmas Eve as most of the tenants are gone to spend tomorrow with family. I'm at the table tying sacs for a day on the river. Ever since I've been divorced I go out fishing on Christmas morning. It's become an annual event for me and couple friends.

This Christmas morning I sleep in as the Rocky is a little high and dirty. I get up and make myself coffee and breakfast. I look outside and the sun is out. This winter has been milder than past year. We haven't had any snow and none of us are complaining about it. I load up the Jeep and make the ten minute drive into the Metropark. There's a couple cars parked in the lot at the most popular spots. I'm sure some guys were able to sneak out for a couple hours. I on the other hand have all day. I pull in a lot and there's nobody there. 

I fish the ole "Bunker hole" one of our favorite spots on the river. The hole is basically a section the river that makes a turn. The section is wide and flat and only fishes at a certain flow. At the bend, the hole tails out and the current picks up as the river hits the opposite bank. 
Thumbs up from the shadowy steelheader because nobody is here

When he showed up he was impressed with the size of it and took a couple of shots. I released him back into the murky depths and wondered how far he would journey upstream. For once it was nice to stand in the water and not have to worry about my feet getting wet. We pulled some nice fish out that spot and we ventured back to the place I first fished. It was late afternoon and the wind was blowing hard out of the west as it made fishing difficult. The uncured eggs I had were not up to par and started using my purple nurple and orange eggs cured in BorXofire. These sacs were tied a lot bigger and gave off a wicked scent. Well, the fish enjoyed the festive colored sacs as I started tearing them up in the last hour. We enjoyed having the river to ourselves as we knew tomorrow it would be the opposite. 


Trotsky said...

Nice fish.
Merry Christmas and all that ..
I just tossed my waders in the garbage as well...grocery bags and aquaseal indeed. LOL
Don't think it will be Simms for me though... I am way too cheap for that madness!

Greg Lum said...

Merry Christmas to you and Brian. I see he loves Michigan a lot.