We got dumped on Monday and it pretty well rained most of the day. With the exception of a tiny window in the morning, which I took full advantage of, this was going to put a damper on the week. Lucky for me, the Rock is a slip and down the ravine to the metro park. It was raining when I geared up and hit one spot that I usually do well. The river was clear, but in a matter of hours it would turn into coffee latte. I fished the run and the float shot under, it felt like a big fish and it charged all over the place as I put the brakes on it from going under some logs. It turned out to be large male that had been spawning for some time. That was evident from the numerous flies stuck under its jaw, back, stomach and tail. In total, I removed 6 flies ranging from a tarpon sized streamer to a #14 copper john. Lucky for him, it's a short ride back to the big pond.

After a couple of hours, I was soaked like a rat and that was enough for me. The fishing was slow as I didn't catch anything downstream or upstream. The feeder creeks were roaring the Rock got muddy in a hurry. I hoped the front would blow by quick but it didn't stop raining until early evening the flow gauges shot up.

On the upside, this well bring in some fish. On the downside, I'll probably lose a couple of days, but with gas at $3.79 a gallon I would of spent a fortune driving way out east.

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