Time for another recon mission just before my vacation week. Earlier in the week, I started my mission when I was working near the South Chagrin reservation. I had a couple of hours to kill and what better time to use it then scope out some new sections. What I found was a couple of decent holes, but a lot of what I dub - shit water. Shit water is a section that has nothing to offer to steelhead and one some of these shit water can go quite distance. But since all of the streams were coming, I wasn't going to waste time fishing there. 

The problem with knowing a lot of streams is where to fish? Last night, I constantly flipped flopped on where to go. I finally decided to start out far east and work my way back home. I woke up very early, wolfing down some eggs and bacon and filling the mug full of java. I dressed in black from head to toe and I felt like some special ops guy. The morning was very chilly and the weather honks were calling for snow showers later in the day. The cold weather has keep a lot of the fish in a holding pattern. That was evident on Sunday where we found fish stacked like cord wood in one pool.

I arrived at first light and started the walk down to my first spot. There were still a lot of ice chunks littering the woods and I noticed the river had a slightly chalky color. I hit the first spot and I quickly got into fish. But after that I got nothing for about an hour. I blame it on the past flooding as the river changed course and what was once a great run was nothing more than a garbage depot of logs and branches. The run was a lot smaller and probably didn't hold that many fish.

I fished another spot and I was tying on a hook, I heard this loud splash and I could see something large bolt downstream. It startled me and I thought to myself there was a hog hiding out. But sure enough in the hole where I was ready to cast into, I could see a beaver poking his head out of the water. He looked at me and basically gave me the middle finger - a loud tail slap. Lucky for him, his coat is worth nothing these days. The fishing was slow and I had a nagging urge to head west and go back to the place where we slammed them on Sunday.

I arrived at the same spot and I was greeted by 10 cars parked along the road. I groaned and hoped it was newbies day out. I walked down and there was only one person fishing the pool. Right off the bat I hit two fish, but after that it was fish here and there. Once the clouds moved in the fish shut off and early signs of boredom started to set in. I was on the fence whether to go home or hit one more spot. Since it was 2:00P.M, I had a lot of time to burn. Unlike the two streams, the next one was running low and clear. I often like fishing low and clear, because fish start to pile into any green water they can find. It was tough conditions, but I manage caught fish in every spot. Both hens I caught were completely spawned out. Then right on cue for the upcoming rush hour, it started to snow and snowed like a mother on the way home. It was actually nice to see some snow as we need some more runoff to bump the rivers up. The mission was success as I have it narrowed down to two streams to fish next week.

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Craig R said...

Hey Greg, love your blog. The fish in that first pic is a major fattie ... very nice.