Pellet Head

I seemed so long ago when I actually fished when a river had a decent flow and color. Prior to Thanksgiving, we got dumped on with over an 1" of rain. We need it to flush all of the crap out and hopefully bring in some fish.

It was another outing of having to cover a lot of water to catch fish. I'm concerned that this might be the bulk of fish as the rivers are so cold. I have a feeling that the majority of fish in the lake are going to stay there and wait for spring. So far this season, its been one of the worst since I've been here in Steelhead Alley. To add more salt to the wound, the long term forecast for December is calling for below average temperatures. Usually we get iced over in January, but it might happen earlier, especially when the rivers get low.

The fishing was good as I caught fish at every spot. Every season, I'll catch a steelhead that will make it into my bizarre looking folder. Over the years, I've caught fish with an eye missing, broken jaws, deformed spines and so on. Today, I hooked into a small male that looked like one of those pellet heads stocked by some slimy I hate Joe Lunchbox corporate trout club cough Donnie Beaver cough. It's entire body was stunted whether it was a result of swimming into a concrete pier at full speed or it been dealt a shitty hand of genetics. It looked and swam like a football...........poor bastard.


steelhead08 said...

Just messed my trousers reading that!!! LMFAO!

Nathan Ira said...

Now, people use the term football but I don't think I've ever seen a fish that fit the description so well!