At Least I Got Some Exercise

Now I know what a steelheader in B.C feels like. Walking endless miles, pounding every hole, pool, run and pocket water in the hopes of getting a bite. That what it was like this weekend as the fish basically took it off and I would of had better luck finding the location of Jim Hoffa's body.

The rivers were very low and even the Grand was barely flowing. With no where else to fish, most anglers piled into the last remaining holes and pools on the lower section. Not wanted to rub elbows and possibly cracking somebody's skull, I opted to go up river. It was a gamble, but worth taking. Most of the spots I fished were so low I could see bottom without the aid of polarized sunglasses. That's pretty rare for the Grand as it usually run that shit stain color. Speaking of shit, that was a word I commonly used as I scoured nearly every spot imaginable. I caught some fish but boy did I have to cover a lot of water

There has been a lot of bitching on the river this season as many are complaining about the lack of fish. You can chalk that up to virtually no rainfall and a lot of fish have park themselves in the lake. Last year, we didn't get a lot of rain but several times the rivers rose enough to spread fish out. Even though numbers were low, most of the fish I caught were on the large size. So far this season, it's been a skipper fest.

Guides had their truck's odometer working overtime as they raced from river to river looking for fish. Newbies to old salts had a hard time landing fish and I felt fortunate that I got some tugs and even happy that I caught a chub. How pathetic is that!

Once again, Mother Nature is going to tease us with some rain early next week. Sooner or later, we'll get the blowout that many are hoping for.

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