Carp and Bread Crumbs

I love road trips during the summer. Nearly every weekend, I hit the road. Before going, I'll look at the map and point my finger. My finger is pointed on Pymatuning Lake. I've never been to there, but I heard about its famous residents - the carp show at the spillway. It had a Barnum and Bailey jingle to it. I've heard stories about these carp that hang out looking for handouts. People dumping loaves of bread, dog food and small pets into the lake. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to see it.

Pymatuning is a man-made lake. Most of the lake is in Pennsylvania and it's considered one of the best places for musky in Northeast Ohio. The place to see the carp is at the spillway that runs across the lake. I arrived to see some people hanging over the railing and throwing in bread. The ducks and fish fought over the food and they made a racket. The fish are so dependent on people giving them freebies and they'll look up at you with their mouths open. I look down and there is a swarming mass of fish. Hundreds of fish swimming about and some of them are massive. I leaned over and spit into the water more or less taunting them.

I watched parents and kids heave over bread and crumbs. As soon as the bread hit the water, the ducks and fish would pounce on it. Some of the larger carp would bowl the ducks over in attempt get at the goodies. The kids squeal and scream when the fish go crazy. They beg their parents for more bread. I wished I had a bowling ball sized bollie. It would been great to heave that into the lake. As more and more people threw food over, more carp started to show up. I walked over to spillway that spills into the lower section of the lake. The spillway was an orgy of carp. They were so tightly packed, I could of tossed in a grenade they would of suffocated the explosion. It reminded me of a dried out puddle packed with tadpoles. A black mass trying to survive the impending doom.

I took plenty of pictures and videos, but the novelty wears off. I leave the kids and morbidly obese carp. I drive through rural Ashtabula county and take pictures of the numerous covered bridges and old Amish farms. Later in the evening, I meet with some friends at Pickle's Bill on the Grand River for some perch, fries and cold beer. It's a great way to end a long grueling trip. 

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