The Emperor Has No Clothes

Add the Decision with the Drive, the Fumble, the Shot, Red Right 88, the Move and the Sweep to Cleveland's string of sports misery. The inevitable happened last night as King James vacated his throne and left the serfs of Cleveland for the magic kingdom of Miami. For the past couple of days the talking heads at ESPN had leaked that King James was leaning towards the Heat.

I knew he was going to leave as soon as the Cavs were eliminated by the Celtics and the last shot of him walking down the tunnel was him taking off his jersey. He had enough and I'm sure a lot of Cavs fans realized he wasn't going to bring home that elusive championship the city was starving for. There was plenty of speculation after that as some in the community felt he quit during that series. For the entire off season he kept his mouth shut and didn't tip his hand. Then the red flags started popping up when he decided to have this stupid charity event in Connecticut.

The King or as many are calling him a jester, make a fool of himself last night with that sorry excuse of a special. It was a PR disaster cooked up by his crew. Who's he kidding? Pretending that it hadn't been decided weeks ago and then ramming a pitchfork in Cleveland's back. It was the worst example of how to make yourself look like a narcissistic asshole. James will have no legacy because he felt he couldn't get done by himself. He took the easy way out and decided to ride the coattails of Wade and Bosh. He gave away his shot at being the greatest ever or even entering the discussion. What competitor does that? Jordan would of never left Chicago and joined Bird or Magic. He'll never be talked in the same breath as them.

He has every right to be a free agent and shop his services around. Had he been straight up and told the Cavs thanks for the seven years, but he wanted to move on. Instead he's the second coming of Art Modell and his actions will forever tarnish his reputation in Northeast Ohio.

I've also figured out the moral of the story: Stay in school.

Wade: 3 years at Marquette
Bosh: 1 year at Georgia Tech
The kid from Akron: no college

The most educated guy convinced his dumber friends to come play on his team for less money.

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