Merry Christmas From Steelhead Alley

Just five days until Christmas I finished all of my shopping and of course I missed a banner day on the river yesterday. Today, I froze my sacs off and the fish were being a bunch of grinches. Should of shopped on the net!


Trotsky said...

Merry Christmas to you too Greg.
Lets hope the new year is a little more fish friendly weather wise than the past fall.
You should consider a Jetboat trip on the Muskegon.
We are definately going back soon and I think it is a great way to break up the seasons.
and Good luck in the new year as well.

lambton said...

Merry Christmas to you too Greg. Mediocre season EH! Seems to have been a common theme across the GL this year. Like Norland said...there is always the Muskegon.
Stuhan knows how to roll. Best wishes from Ontario!!!

Greg said...

Merry Christmas to my fellow hosers. So far it's been a sub par season, but there are a lot of big fish in the rivers