Summer Is Almost Over

The signs that the steelhead season is around the corner is when kids are back in school, college and NFL football season starts and of course the cooler nights. All of that starts to get me stirring. Heading into the basement to dust off the rods and reels, inspect the waders for leaks and writing down a list of things I need.

Over the past week the nightly temps have been in the low 50s and the lake is hovering at 70F. I've heard through the grapevine that some steelhead have been caught off the mouths of some rivers out east. Next week is when I officially begin my steelhead season by spending the mornings chucking spoons off the break walls. I still have some cured eggs left over from the past season, but I have a hankering for salmon eggs and a trip to Michigan is in order..........I hope

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