Gary Bettman is an Idiot

Maybe it's me being crabby that I can't watch any of the NHL playoffs because my cable provider doesn't offer it for free - bastards. Plus nobody in the state of Ohio gives a shit about hockey. Seriously high school spelling bees competitions get more press. Then I read in the news that NHL commissioner - Gary Bettman is trying to screw over Jim Balsillie again.

I hated Gary Bettman ever since he became commissioner. Many in traditional hockey circles didn't like the fact that a former NBA lawyer from New York was picked to run the league. It didn’t take him long to start pissing off many of the traditionalists when he eliminated the names of the divisions (Patrick, Adams, Norris and Smythe) and then become public enemy number one in Canada when the Jets and Nords left for Phoenix and Denver respectively. Then there were the stupid rule changes and the two work stoppages, including the one in 2004-05 robbed us of an entire season.

Now Bettman is ready to bend over Blackberry billionaire Jim Balsillie as he’s once again trying to buy and move another franchise to Canada. First it was the Pens and then the Predators and now the Coyotes. The Coyotes filed for bankruptcy and Balsillie made an offer. To nobody’s surprise Bettman stepped in and stop it from happening citing league rules. I call bullshit as Bettman doesn’t want to lose a team from the southwest. Yeah, Arizona is such a hockey hotbed. I’ll bet that 99.99999% of the residents in the Greater Phoenix area couldn’t name 2 players from the team or if you asked them what a puck was they would say it's found in a urinal. Nobody gives a shit about hockey there, so let somebody buy it and move it where people appreciate the game.

But Gary Bettman is the stubborn know-it-all and I wonder if he would be willing to bet his OWN money that the Coyotes can survive. Maybe somebody should sit Gary down and explain it like this

“I bought a company that specializes in selling surfboards in Nunavut and snowsuits in Saudi Arabia. So far I am losing a lot of money, but I feel as though the company will come around with the right marketing strategy. Can I get some capital from you to keep me afloat in the short term?”

In article I read, this comment pretty well sums up what an idiot he really is “the league prefers to fix its problems rather than abandon cities“ Yeah, tell that to Winnipeg and Quebec City.


Harv said...

Well said Greg!!!!

I agree with you completely that Betman is an idiot who is a self-serving, circle talking politician.

There is no doubt in my mind that another NHL team here in Ontario would be profitable - Toronto and Buffalo would scream bloody murder but there is more than enough fan base in the area to support all three.

I would love to see another team back in Winnipeg but that would never happen on principle alone.

Basille as an owner would be fantastic for the League but I think Betman's personal feelings toward him will prevent that from ever happening.

It is too bad!!

Betman is an IDIOT!!!


Trotsky said...

I only have two words for you..
LeBron James...
Get thee to the Quicken Loans Arena!!!
"We are all witness"