Extended holidays and bad weather make me a miserable person. This extended Christmas vacation was no different as the weather reeked havoc. Any chances of a white Christmas were dashed as it rained throughout Christmas Eve. Before you could say "ho-ho-ho" it was "oh no no" as the streams blew out. Once again the Grand inched it way down to fishable levels, only to quickly rise. On the bright side it got rid of all of the side ice and opened up the lower sections. Mother Nature was a huge Grinch and she scrooged me out of 4 days of vacation.

The weather outlook for the rest of the week was like a kid eating all of the chocolate the night before Christmas. It was to be in the upper 20s on Christmas, then for Saturday it was a possible record breaking 70F and on Sunday another cold front was to move through. I was limited on where to fish and Friday turned out to be the only good day. Due to the high water conditions, I slept in and headed out after 8:30A.M and took my time. The water was high and slightly off colored, but I knew where to find fish. The night before I tied sacs as bright as those pieces of fruit found on fruitcake that your mother-in-law insists on bringing every year, I could write a whole story about fruitcake from Christmas pasts. The fishing was decent and I had a lot spots to choose from. However another wave of rain was suppose to hit overnight and crossed my fingers that it would blow through quickly.

The wind overnight was loud enough I didn't hear the rain falling. When I left I noticed the roads were wet, but I had no idea how much rain fell. The temperature was warm and I rolled the dice as I knew side ice was melting. I arrived to see the river was higher and on the verge of blowing out. It was a balmy morning and I figured I had a 4 hour window. Whenever conditions are murky I often run tandem quarter size sacs with a ton of shot as the current was stronger. Running off the main current and riding the slots paid off. Me and another pinner caught fish, but we didn't pound them. As the morning progressed the water started to rise and the color got worse. I finally packed it in and passed on the morning outing to a friend.

Everything is blown out and with the colder weather for the upcoming week everything should be fishable. Tomorrow I'll have to butter up Jill in dispatch and try to weasel my way out of working this Friday....


lambton said...

I lost your email.
can you shoot me one at

Trotsky said...

Thats tough Greg. It is a shame when vacation days get wasted.
Misery loves company and we got screwed out of a final run at them as well.
Time to break out the dough for the NR license.
I would like to get a few trips in before I (shudder)...head back to work .