The X-1 reel

Newsflash! It rained for more then 2 hours on the west side of Cleveland. The 20 or so fish waiting in the Rocky headed upstream before the hoards of hillbillies started lining the banks and fords. That Friday evening, I was tying up some sacs and closely watching the radar on the computer. Most of the rain was falling on the west side, but it also was raining out to the east. That day, I got the green light go fishing as my 2nd and 4th Saturdays at work are put on the back burner until next spring - thank god. I got sick and tired on coming in to do one or two jobs and clocking out at 10:30A.M. 

I went to bed smelling of eggs and around 4:45A.M, I woke up and checked the flow gauges. The Rocky, Vermilion and Chagrin shot up like a rocket. The Grand however had a hiccup and went up to 350cfs. I called a source and the streams way out east missed out on the rain altogether. I loaded up the Jeep and hit the road early. I parked at one of the metro parks and started to walk upstream - big mistake. The grass so high I thought I was on safari somewhere in India and I was in need of an elephant. I hobbled, tripped and cursed like a sailor in the dark as I slipped in several ruts along the trail. I managed to hack my way out of the grasslands and had a relatively easy time walking through the woods. I finally reached my spot and it was first light, the river was up slightly and I noticed a shitload of leaves going downstream.

The spot was a run below a feeder creek and it had a nice slot that held a lot of fish during the fall and spring. I pulled several shots down to get the sac down fast as slot was about 20yd and tailed out quickly. I stood upstream and let the float go downstream running it along the mud line. It didn't take long to find fish and it was a mixed bag of skippers, fat males and chrome hens. The spot coughed up a lot of fish and I had a long list of spots to hit. I looked at the time and it was 10:00A.M, so I had plenty of time. Once I got away from that spot the fishing was tough as most of spots I fished were traditional winter holding areas. Even though the temperature was in the 40s today, the river was still warm thanks to almost a week of 70 degree weather and most of the fish were holding in faster water. So I skipped the slower holes and hit another spot similar to one I fished before. But just like upstream, I struggled to find the mother load of fish. Didn't help that the immense number of leaves floating downstream wreaked havoc with my drifts. I looked at the time and it was 2:00P.M, by now I was extremely bored, cranky from all of the leaves and sick and tired of listening the constant gun fire from the skeet club. Since this was a scouting trip, I knew these section was being crossed off for tomorrow.

Later that evening I was preparing for tomorrow's trip with another steelhead junkie - Dave. Dave is a west side steelheader and was looking to expand his options as fishing the Rocky will do that to a person. Dave arrived at my place and I was surprised to see how much weight he lost. During the summer he shaved off 70lbs and he was a big guy that played football for Ohio State as a defensive end. We headed out east back to the same spot I fished yesterday. For once it was nice to have somebody drive for a change. The weather today was typical of November - cold, dreary and windy. The wind today was a huge pain in the ass, leaves everywhere and line blowing off the water. As expected, whenever I take somebody fishing to spot I did well the day before, we struggled to hook up. It was one or two fish here and there. The conditions were perfect, but the fish were very finicky and even the faggy chubs took pity on us.

Dave showed me his latest toy - a HBE reel made by a Swiss company looking to get into the hot Great Lakes pinning market. It looked like something the Russians would of developed in a in top secret lab somewhere in Siberia. I remember seeing the reel at Erie Outfitters last winter and I wasn't keen about it as I found some glaring issues with it. One was the material it was made of - carbon fiber. One big pissed off steelhead with a heavy flow behind him would literally burn the tips of your fingers off in a heartbeat from the resin finish. The other was the reel didn't have a backplate and a misplaced pinkie could get chopped off. The reel was very light, weighing under 3ozs compared to my Kingpin that weighted over 9ozs. The start-up was insanely low and Dave really enjoyed his reel.

Unfortunately the fish weren't playing ball and I made the call to head down river. I took Dave to another spot that was great for pinning. With the windy conditions, I figured most of the fair weather fishermen would be parked on the couch. As we drove into Painesville, I could see the parking lots full near the river. Over one bridge, I could see several hearty souls fishing. We arrived at the park and I gave Dave the scoop on what to expect and where to fish. This spot got the full effect of the wind and it was blowing downstream. There were a couple of people fishing and there was plenty of room. I pointed out a spot and we started off fishing, right off the bat we started off with a double header - which was great or bad. As Dave was beaching his fish, some hillbilly asked for his fish and Dave gave to him. If it were me, I would pull off my boot and inform him it would taste better. The wind made trotting difficult as Siglon and brisk winds don't mix. We shuffled down the section and couldn't get any players. I noticed the water had a tannic stain and that could of been a factor as I people I talked to said it was slow all morning. After an hour, we decided to call it a day and went to lunch and nothing beats a hot meal on a cold day.

Currently most of the streams are starting to drop and will fish on Monday. The streams out east are low and clear and the conditions will favor the fly flingers. There is no rain for the upcoming week and I wouldn't be surprised to see the monsoons hit on Monday when I start vacation.


lambton said...

WOW..You seem to be hangin in there Greg. I'm actually starting to feel for ya. Our Huron tribs have had awesome water faithfully for the last couple of weeks. Planning on slipping out tomorrow for another session and maybe even a NY road trip come Friday for browns.
Perhaps now that true fall weather is here you guys will get some decent precip and some decent pushes of chrome. Some of those PA stragglers are just plain nasty.
I hope it happens soon for ya!

Greg said...

The east side got several inches of snow, so I'm sure the rivers will go up. I haven't seen any Manistees show up in big numbers yet.

There's plenty of fish, you just have to work for them.

Taking a trip to the "Dirty Burt"? Remember to pack the mace and baseball bat.