Once in a while, I get one of those days where nothing goes right. Today was suppose to be a quick 3 hour morning at work, only to be stretched out for nearly 8 hours due to equipment failures and screw ups from the office. The hot and humid conditions didn't help either and by the end of the day, I was ready to strangle somebody.

The finale to my shitty day was when a moron smashed into the back of "ole Red" my 1991 Jeep Cherokee as I was going home from the grocery store. Waiting for the light to turn green and I looked back to see this black car coming up fast and WHAM!!! I braced for the impact and felt the Jeep go forward barely missing the car in front of me.

"What the fuck? Are you serious?

I got out to assess the damage only to see the bumper took the full impact. I asked the lady if she was okay. She goes on about adjusting the driver's seat and it went haywire and her foot came off the brake - real bright lady. Considering the force of the impact, the middle section of the bumper was dented and trailer hitch got hammered. The hitch almost punctured the gas tank and there was a slight crack in the fiberglass rear hatch. I was thankful for the lift kit because if it was lower the hatch would of been destroyed. Due to the Jeep's metal bumper, her new Mazda CX-9 got the worse of it - stattered front end, hood dented and cracked headlight. She wasn't sharpest tool in the shed as she commented

"My bumper has styrofoam pads under it??" 

I just had this I don't give a shit look on my face and returned to my Jeep. After all the bullshit of giving a statement to the cop, exchanging insurance information, and her bitching about getting a failure to control ticket, the 3 tubs of ice cream I bought from the grocery store had pretty well melted and leaked all over the back - fuck.


Trotsky said...

That thing is in great shape for a '91....
Well at least it 'was' in great shape.
Could've been worse...
Fishing is right around the corner.

Greg said...

It could of been worse if she was driving what most yuppies around here are driving - Yukons and Escalades.

I've heard some steelies are showing up around some of PA tribs, but it's been hot and the lake is 71F. I'm heading out next week out east to chuck some spoons.

I had an offer to go to the Garden River this month, but there is too much work for me.......damn