More Mocking of the Leafs

Went the movies last week and sat through the endless commercials and trailers. Then came on the trailer for Mike Myer's latest movie - The Love Guru. He plays the role of a Hindu guru hired to help the Leafs win the Stanley Cup. I shake my head and think - only in Hollywood.

Myers is a diehard Leafs fan and has hinted that he wanted his favorite team in one of his movies. His favorite sidekick - Mini Me is back and looks and acts like a miniature version of Punch Imlach. The star player I guess is a black Darcy Tucker? Justin Timberlake is also in the film and goes by the name of Jacques "Le Cog" Grande. The audience is mostly unresponsive after the trailer is played. I groaned at the thought of the movie goofing my favorite team. I could hear my old man snickering in a theater at the thought of the Buds in the Stanley Cup finals. In his words, if its about the Leafs, it must be a bad comedy.

I read that some Hindu groups are upset at the gross stereotypes portrayed in the movie. I say grow some thick skin. As a long suffering Leafs fans have had to put up with 40 years of lousy teams, Harold Ballard, Gretzky's high stick, Doug Gilmour being traded and Bryan McCabe imitating a pylon. I'll save my money and wait for this turkey to go on DVD.

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