Abuse From A Diehard

I'll be fishing hard for the next couple of months, but I'm hoping my equipment is up for the challenge. When it comes to gear, I'm pretty abusive. Give me a piece of fishing equipment and I'll find a way to fucking ruin it. My waders, boots, vest, rods and reels have a lot of battle scars. My boots are practically falling apart. At my rate, I'll be using duct tape to hold them together. My waders are covered in skein and egg goo. I have gone through two tubes of Aquaseal and I still some leaks. Even my new chest vest I bought last summer looks like shit from egg goo and shiner's scales. One of my fishing friends calls me the steelie hobo. But once the season is over, I'll start going on a shopping spree to replace new equipment. Summer is usually the best time to get bargains. I'll spent endless hours looking on Ebay or fishing classifieds.

I can't complain about my Simms waders as I've gotten three years out of them. I paid $200.00 for them and they held up well against buckthorns, ice, sliding down banks, rocks, egg goo, my two left feet and branches. My Chota Shittico Creek boots couldn't handle my abuse and this spring will be the second year. I destroyed my last pair of Chota STL boots and they were top of the line. But that didn't matter as I use to throw them in the back of my pickup in the winter. They would freeze solid and in the morning I would toss them in the cab and crank the heater. The end result I split the soles and I asked Chota if they could replace them. Their answer was - your shit out of luck. I knew it was my fault, but at the time money wasn't an issue and I promptly tossed them in the garbage.

Now that I'm single again, I have to take better care of my equipment. I've already narrowed my choices down to what kind of waders and boots I want. But, they'll take a backseat to the new pin I'll be adding to the family. I wanted a Hardy, but it's too expensive and I'm leaning towards a JW Young.

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