My Honey Holes with GPS Coordinates for $35.00

This article has some in Steelhead Alley up in arms. I consider myself to be a helpful person on the river. I don't mind tossing a bone or two to some angler from out of town. But,I also exercise common sense when comes to posting outings. I won't reveal the locations of small feeder creeks and sections I have permission to fish on. The same article was posted at the popular steelheadsite and several members started bashing this person for selling maps of several steelhead rivers on the internet. I was puzzled at the reactions, as these are the same people who have no problem posting reports about their lastest outing. The whole thread about it was dripping with hypocrisy.

There are no secret spots on most of the streams along Steelhead Alley. I probably know 20 to 40 guys favorite spots and they probably know mine. The rivers around here change due to the constant erosion of the clay and mud banks. Gravel gets washed from one spot and ends up in another. I have photos of some sections of the Rock and Chagrin from five years ago. Today those same sections have been altered so much that it doesn't resemble the photos. The flow is slower, the river widen and some of the holes have filled in.

So I really have no idea why some people are getting their panties in wad. Because in three years those maps and coordinates will be useless. Plus if you need GPS coordinates to find fishable water, it's time to trade in your rod and reel.

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lambton said...

The sale of GPS Coordinates is no different than a Guide selling his services to a client. Now having said that I cannot fathom either method. The chase is part of the adventure. The research and legwork are part of the journey. The ends pay tribute to the means. To me the purchase of GPS Coordinates or the hiring of a guide does the whole experience injustice. If the only goal is a slab of flesh on a bank then these are sad times indeed. I fear too many modern day anglers are missing the true experience. I also think it takes a certain element to compromise that experience and profit from it. That being said, there will always be someone to sell the service if there is someone looking for it.
Why anyone is Steelhead alley requires any of these services is beyond my comprehension. Just my two cents for what it's worth.