Another Day in Leafs Nation

It's tough being a Leafs fan. When my father emailed me several Leafs jokes today, I took it with a grain of salt and chuckled at some of them. It didn't surprise me as my old man is one of the biggest Leafs haters around. Over the years, he would constantly ridicule me on why I root for a bunch of losers. My parents got married in 1967 and that was the last time they won the cup. I was born the following year and for the next 40 years the Leafs fumbled through the decades as one of the most disorganized and disfunctional pro sports franchises.

I had the same expression as Mike Myers in the picture above when the Leafs finally canned general manager John Ferguson Jr - what took so fucking long? It wasn't a surprise as Ferguson been a disaster ever since he was hired. His legacy will be Eric Lindros, Jason Allison, Andrew Raycroft and lousy draft picks. Then again when was the last time the Leafs had a good draft? Ferguson was nothing more than a puppet taking orders from MLSE president Richard Peddie. Who by the way, earlier this season acknowledged it was a "mistake" to hire the inexperienced Ferguson - yeah, no shit.

The Leafs had a chance to hire Scotty Bowman to run the entire show. But the MLSE board decided that giving him the keys to the car was too much. Instead they hired Cliff Fletcher on a interim basis. Fletcher was the architect who put together a great team in the early 90s and almost made it to the cup finals. This time around he takes over a team full of overpaid stiffs and almost empty farm. 

I say trade Sundin, McCabe, Tucker and Raycroft for a ton of picks. Scrap the entire team and build through the draft. MLSE needs to stop meddling with affairs and hire the right people and let them do their jobs. But, attracting good hockey people to the center of the hockey universe is daunting. But as long as the rink is sold out nearly every night and it brings in a boatload of revenue, the board members are happy. I also remind my father who is a retired Ontario teacher, that the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan owns 58% of the Leafs. So he should personally thank the Leafs for his nice fat pension.

One day maybe one day I'll live to see the Leafs win the cup. Somewhere in hell Harold Ballard is laughing.........

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