Fruitcake probably would of worked better

Being this was the first Christmas I didn't spend with my family, I decided to head down to the Rock for a couple of hours. The previous rain during the weekend blew the river out. However, due to the colder weather the river dropped really fast. The flow gauge was at 500cfs and that usually meant the water was dirty.

I had some leftover uncured spawn sacs in the fridge. They were about 5 days old and I noticed a putrid smell to them. Even if I didn't catch anything, I wanted to test the theory of steelhead eating rotten salmon eggs.

When I arrived there were some people fishing and I assumed they were taking a break from the in-laws. The river was still high and dirty. I fished one section that usually holds a lot of staging fish. When the water is dirty, I'll run tandem spawn sacs. The more scent the better, but in the couple hours of fishing, I didn't get one bite.

On the upside, the Grand should fish this weekend...........finally.


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