Thanks Mother Nature......

I was fishing several eastern tribs Sunday in hopes of hitting fish for the upcoming week. The rivers were still running a little dirty, but coming down to fishable levels.

I checked the weather report only to find out that there was a 100% of rain for Monday. I couldn't believe it and on the screen was a giant green blob heading for Northeastern Ohio. It started to rain during the evening and I hoped it would rain off and on. The rivers were starting to come to prime levels.

I got up Monday morning and noticed the flow gauge on the Rock hit 350cfs, that's a little high but with big sacs it was fishable. It was 6:30A.M and I crawled back into bed. I left the house around 9:00 and it was a quick 10 minute drive. It was stained and it looked somewhat decent. But, the river was at the tipping point and it couldn't handle anymore rain. I geared up and on cue the rain started to fall.

The big sacs really helped as I found a pod of players in water that was about 3' deep. It was a nice long flat section and with the pin I covered a lot of water. The fishing was good for about an hour and the bite shut off. Through out the morning it rained lightly and heavy. As the morning went on the conditions got worse and I decided I had enough.

Now all of the rivers are blown out and I'll have to go to plan B - Pennsylvania ditch fishing.

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lambton said...

I feel your pain Greg. I was recently priveledged to fish my home waters last week for the first time this season. I was like a kid in the candy store. It was barely fishable and has since dropped to extreme low levels. There is a small flicker of hope that we may see some rain tonight and tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for Thursday and Friday as I have them both booked off.
Good luck in PA. Your situation could be could be at work ;0)