Steelhead Alley Indian Summer

Its last call for summer on the Alley. It's hard to believe that it's mid October as feels like August. Even though the days are shorter, there is a lazy feeling about Indian summers. Many of the citizens here in Cleveland are taking in as much of it as they can. Because before you know it the leaves will be gone and the snows off Lake Erie will be howling. Summer will have been a distant memory. 

Fished out east and I wasn't going to bag a lot of fish. If I caught one, I would be happy. The sky was bright, water low and ultra clear and unseasonably warm. If I was fishing for bass, I would have had a banner day. I lost count of how many bass I caught. I also threw in a couple of creek chubs and one rock bass. But, I did manage to catch my first river steelhead of the new season. It was a feisty little skipper that fell for a shiner.

With the low conditions, I was able to chart some new holes and jot down stream bottom structures. For the time being, I would hold off cashing in vacation time for steelheading. The weather outlook for next week is warm and no sufficient rainfall.

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